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Photo: Madeira Pro Race 2014 - Photo by Steven Magas
Madeira Pro Race 2014 – Photo by Steven Magas

Races are competitive events of various sorts. Multi-sport and BMX events are not listed in this Calendar. Sanctioned races are governed by the rules of a sanctioning body such as USA Cycling, American Bicycle Racing (ABR), or the National Off-Road Bicycling Association (NORBA). Those who wish to compete in sanctioned races must have racing licenses issued by the appropriate governing body; race-day licensing may be available. Citizen races are usually open to all comers (within age restrictions) and are a good way to give racing a try. See online references to types of races such as criteriums, road races, and mountain bike racing.

Regrettably, we received very few listings for 2017 races, most using other means to promote their events. Here is what we have:

Last Updated: 10/14/2017

 No More Events Listed for 2017